2023 Personal Information Form - Members

Upbeat Arts is delighted that you are enjoying our programs. We now ask that you take ten minutes to complete this form. We ask you to complete this when you first join and then at the start of each new calendar year. This ensures our records are up to date and it serves as a reminder of our Upbeat Arts behaviours.

NEED HELP? If you need assistance completing this – please ask someone to help you or ask us. We’re very happy to help. We get it – forms can be a little daunting. We can help you next time you are in at your program.

A friendly reminder that it is your responsbility to keep Upbeat Arts updated with any changes to the information provided here. All personal information collected by Upbeat Arts Ltd is confidential. You may access your own personal records at any time. Upbeat Arts Ltd abides by the National Privacy Act.

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