Absolutely Everybody Brisbane Choir

The Absolutely Everybody Brisbane Choir celebrated their fifth birthday in 2019 and in performance the choir inspires and delights their audiences.

For Term 3 (from 17 July 2020), choir may present some face to face sessions, in conjunction with a continuation of online sessions via Zoom. Current members will be advised by email of the details as they are confirmed. 

New members are always welcome.

The Choir gets together on Friday mornings, with our conductor, Melissa Gill and accompanist, Richard Thayil

Online choir explores vocal skills, fun singing warm ups and songs, guests, projects and more. It's early days in the online choir world, but you can be assured of a fun and engaging morning as you connect with others and learn new skills.

The Choir sings a wide range of musical and vocal styles from current pop and rock to gospel, classical and music theatre. There's a strong emphasis on building vocal range and technique along with performance confidence and skills.

The rehearsals themselves are great fun and a wonderful way to learn new skills and to make likeminded new friends.

The Absolutely Everybody Brisbane Choir members love to perform and have performed many times all over Brisbane, including high profile venues such as Brisbane City Hall, QPAC's Concert Hall and the Brisbane Convention Centre. In 2017, they made their interstate debut, performing in an exciting concert at Deakin Edge in Melbourne. They look forward to resuming performances later in 2020.

Prior registrations are required. Register below now to be a part of this exciting choir. All log-in details will be provided when we confirm your place.

'I am looking forward to seeing you on Friday. I just want to let you know that I feel right at home with the choir it is the best choir I can be a part of. I am so very happy...' - Choir participant

'I have never seen my client so animated and show such enjoyment - it makes me cry with happiness to see the change in her because of this first rehearsal with the choir. Thank you so much...' - Support Worker


Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life is Upbeat Art's Music Theatre group. It is led by Brisbane's Jacqui Cuny and her workshops include movement, acting and singing so participants can learn new skills or new members might wow us with the talents they already have.

Rehearsals are on a Friday afternoon, and in Term 2 were held online due to COVID - 19. With restrictions easing, we are hoping to return to some face to face sessions some time in Term 3. Confirmed members will be advised of session details ahead of time.

Learning new songs, simple dance steps and participating in fun improvisation exercises are all part of the fun - easily transferred to an online platform when required.

Prior registrations are required. Register now for Term 3 2020 Starting on 17 July. 

Under Jacqui's guiding hand, the Rhythm of Life group create their own 'mini-shows'. They often craft their own words into meaningful dialogue which fuse together with the dance moves and joyous music theatre songs. 

Complete an online application below if this is something you'd like to be part of. 

'One little thing I learnt at Music Theatre last week, was worth a week's worth of therapy.' - Music Theatre participant


Word on the Street

Register now for Term 3 2020 - starting date is 14 July.

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, we are hoping to return to face to face sessions at some point in Term 3. Confirmed members will be advised of session details.

Word on the Street is a creative writing course that will help you find your voice on the page. Working with a professional teacher, nothing will be left blank as we cover poetry, letters, short form writing, spoken word, and storytelling. You'll be guided by the talented Lucy Nelson.

This is your chance to tell your story your way or follow the cues provided and be surprised by what you create.

Creative Writing is presented in partnership with the State Library of Queensland, and the workshops are held on Tuesday afternoons.

New members are welcome to join - complete our online application form below to register for this engaging and educational program and all log-in details will be provided on confirmation of your place in the program.

'Word on the Street is one thing that I really look forward to each week. My support worker has noticed a massive shift in (my) participant's behaviour and is very happy to see her engaging in something positive.' Word on the Street participant

NB This participant told our program leader that after her first session at Creative Writing she went home and wrote a song - something she hadn't done for many years.


Song School

Have you ever thought about what makes a song popular?

In Song School we discover the who, what, when, where and why of songs. What makes them great, why do they stick in your head? Learn about how songs are made, explore the history of song, deconstruct a song through listening and understanding the song form, create clever and fun or inspiring lyrics and along the way learn some tips and tricks to improve your vocal skills.

This unique program teaches you to develop an appreciation of the form of a song, it encourages you to stop and actively listen to a song and to others. Using your own voice and ideas, it will help to develop your mental agility and improve objectivity and social skills. In time, you can use these skills to write your own songs, improve your creativity and collaborate with others in the group. 

You don't have to be a musician to write your own song or appreciate what songs bring to the world! Start exploring this subject in Term 3 2020 - starting 17 July.

Join teacher Mandi Geary for Song School which is held on TUESDAY from 10 - 11:30am either online or face to face. 

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, we are hoping to return to face to face sessions at some point in Term 3. Confirmed members will be advised of session details.



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