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We partner with local councils, community groups and agencies to create arts programs specifically for the demographic, location and needs of each community. 

Programs can be ongoing, with gatherings organised weekly over a couple of years, or they can be intensive workshops over several weeks. 

All of these culminate in a public performance that showcased the amazing work of participants, to their own community. 

'Tune In and Tune Up' - Workplace, group singing programs

According to Safework Australian, an estimated one in five Australian workers are experiencing mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, costing Australia around $10.9 billion per a year in lost productivity, participation and compensation costs. 

Research shows us that singing in a group can alleviate stress, promotes a sense of wellbeing, and can alleviate anxiety, tension, depression and also physical ailments. 

Upbeat Arts offers a workplace group singing program, designed to engage staff in fun and relaxing way, and provide a sense of belonging and engagement beyond the standard working day. A qualified Artistic Leader and Accompanist will attend your workplace once a week, providing a program and sheet music that runs to ten week school terms. 

Mission Choirs - Engaging communities and ending isolation

Every council faces unique challlanges in their community. This can be due to unemployment, demographics, uneven distribution of aging or youth population or even climate change.

Upbeat Arts partners with local councils and agencies, to run programs that specifically address the issues of the region. Our creative leaders workshop ideas and collaborate with locals, to create an original piece of music that is then performed for the community at the end of the year. 


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