Socially Inclusive Music Theatre

What is it?

Socially Inclusive Music Theatre engages and embraces indigenous, homeless, disabled and wider community groups across the race, faith, generation, gender and socio-economic divides. 

An arts-based intervention, it is effective in the rehabilitation of people following incarceration and it has positive impacts upon mental health of people with chronic long- term disabling conditions.

Under the leadership of Mr Warren Wills, internationally acclaimed writer, composer and producer of SIMT projects, Upbeat Arts will support the creation, production and performance of SIMT projects in 2019 and 2020.

We will engage over 500 marginalised people. Our creative and technical teams will work with participants on all aspects of the projects and deliver professional music theatre productions to the stage in professional theatre settings.


Our project aims to: 
  1. Explore and re-connect audiences with important moments and themes in cultural and social history.
  2. Involve people with chronic mental health conditions, groups which have experienced time in detention and have not re-connected with society, people from indigenous, displaced and emerging communities who face major challenges in integration with the community
  3. Provide new pathways for the re-engagement of displaced youth and adults with community, with learning and future employment.
  4. Our theatre projects will embrace participants within a communal project setting, where there are roles for a wide range of skills and abilities.  With professional guidance we build creative engagement, teach new skills and provide opportunities to connect with others and deliver outstanding projects to diverse public audiences.

How you can help

We engage the best professional teachers with the skills and desire to work effectively with our client groups. We have clear and defined 'School Rules' which govern the behaviours in our programs.  Our programs are led by our Operations Manager, who facilitates the groups and provides a point of contact for members at or between rehearsals.

This all costs money and all our projects are self-funded. You can help by making a donation to our project, which is tax deductable through our partnership with Rotary. 


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