Volunteering is a keystone of Upbeat Arts

Upbeat Arts welcomes a network of volunteers who help run events and provide qualified care to particpants.  We engage professional leaders and care takers to help run the courses that we offer, but you don't need to be an expert to help us. 

Before starting as a volunteer, you'll undergo an Induction Program to prepare you to work with people experiencing homelessness, disadvantage or long term unemployment.

Upbeat Arts has developed a Guide that will form part of the Induction program. This provides guidelines, advice and outlines Upbeat Arts' philosophy dedicated to engaging, educating and empowering participants.

Our volunteers should have:

Belief: that lives can be transformed through involvement in arts and culture and that everyone, whatever their background, has the right to participate in the arts

Desire to empower: those experiencing disadvantage through the joy of outstanding arts and culture activities

Passion & Energy: Huge energy and enthusiasm and a passion for achieving

Creativity: A 'harm reduction' approach focused on tapping into talent, creativity
and capability

Self Awareness: a willingness to grow, learn and evolve as a person, whilst giving
back to the community

Volunteer Roles available:

Kitchen Angel: Assist our choir program, by providing companionship and social support, help prepare and serve a meal. During performances and events, help our choir members and staff by assisting with orientation, front of house tasks, bag minding etc. Ideally vollunteers will be able to commit to a regular roster, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Health Volunteer: We seek health professionals who become part of a given program and will be on hand to offer support and advice to any participant requiring assistance, for example participants who become anxious or upset during a rehearsal or workshop. Health volunteers will ideally commit to attending rehearsals/workshops on a weekly basis to ensure they become part of the core group.

Buddy: To provide an opportunity to involve the whole community in our programs, buddies are included in most programs. Buddies are part of the core group of their assigned program and will assist members to participate to the best of their ability and enjoyment at rehearsals, performances and activities, without encroaching on their privacy. Buddies will also assist with set ups and wherever else possible to ensure the smooth running of the program. Buddies will be competent in the chosen program (ie for choir, a competent singer); and will be able to commit to attending the weekly program and becoming an important member.



If you’d like to volunteer and be rewarded with new friendships and creative accomplishments, please complete our online Volunteer Application form

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