A unique way to give back!

Help us to transform lives. At Upbeat Arts, we welcome a network of volunteers who help our choirs in so many ways, from singing in and helping with rehearsals, to preparing lunch, to assisting with providing more qualified care and/or support to our members. If you’re looking for a rewarding, fun and unique environment, this could be it!

We engage professional administrators and artists to run the choirs, so as a volunteer you don’t need to be an expert to help us.

Our volunteers should have:

  • Belief: That lives can be transformed through involvement in arts and culture and that everyone, whatever their background, has the right to participate in the arts
  • Desire to empower: Those experiencing disadvantage through the joy of outstanding arts and culture activities
  • Passion & Energy: Huge energy and enthusiasm and a passion for achieving excellence
  • Creativity: A ‘harm reduction’ approach focused on tapping into talent, creativity and capability
  • Self Awareness: A willingness to grow, learn and evolve as a person, whilst giving back to the community

If helping to transform lives is of interest, please read on to find out more about the roles we have available.

Current vacancies

Sunshine Coast choir | Thursday mornings @ Buderim 

Recruiting for Kitchen Team only

Brisbane choir | Friday mornings @ South Brisbane

Recruiting for Program Buddies and Health Buddies only

North Brisbane choir | Wednesday mornings @ Wavell Heights

Recruiting for Kitchen Team only

If you’d like to find out more details about each individual choir – click here.

If you’re thinking one of these roles could be for you, please read about the roles and their respective commitment requirements below before completing our online application form. We’d love to hear from you.

If we’re not currently recruiting for the role of your choice, and you are keen, feel free to apply and we can have a chat and potentially add you to our waiting or on call list.

Role details

Kitchen Team: Assist one of our choir programs, by helping with the preparation and service of a simple meal. 

What is involved?

  • While you’re preparing lunch for the choir, you’ll hear the joyous sounds of the choir rehearsing
  • Set up and clean up afterwards
  • You’ll meet new people too
  • We provide simple recipes and all food required and work to a pre-determined weekly menu for each term
  • We follow strict procedures to ensure the kitchens we use are left better than or the same as they were when we arrived that day

What experience is needed?

  • Basic food preparation skills (if you prepare a meal at home, you’ll be perfect for us!)
  • You’ll have a happy and friendly manner
  • You’ll be competent and capable of working independantly and within a team of three


  • 9:30am – 1pm – Choose to volunteer fortnightly or monthly
  • Programs run during school terms
  • We’ll work with you to prepare a roster that suits you and our team
  • If you’re heading out of town or have other commitments, we’ll work around them
  • Willingness to gain a ‘Food Safety Certificate’ – organised by Upbeat Arts

Program Buddy: To provide an opportunity to involve the whole community, buddies join the choir and sing as part of the group.

What is involved:

  • You sing as part of the choir, and learn and perform and do whatever the choir is doing! You will wear the same uniform as the choir members, because a buddy forms part of the choir
  • You are there amongst the group during all rehearsals and performances, so that you are right there ready to lend a helping hand to the group as a whole, not individuals
  • You might help a member with finding the right note to sing or help a new member to find a spot to sit
  • You’ll provide social support and a welcoming smile during each rehearsal
  • You’re also asked to assist the Upbeat Arts staff with setting and packing up to ensure the smooth running of the rehearsal

What experience is required:

  • You’ll be a competent singer who can hold a note and ideally have had some experience singing in a choir (you certainly don’t need to be a professional!)
  • You’ll also love meeting new people and be great communicators
  • You’ll be reliable and organised


  • 9:40am – 1pm weekly during school terms
  • You must be able to commit to attending the weekly rehearsal and becoming an integral member of the group
  • Availability for any performances will be important
  • Let us know if you’ll be away on holidays, or unable to attend

Program Health Buddy: In addition to the Program Buddy role requirements above, a Health Buddy will have experience in working in a mental health sector environment or similar.

What is involved:

  • Just like the Program Buddy, you’ll become part of the choir, and everything mentioned above regarding that role is also part of this role
  • You’ll also use your experience to provide more professional support should it be required; for example if a member  were to become anxious or upset during a rehearsal
  • It’s important to note that we do not want, nor expect our Health Buddies to take the place of the member’s own professional support team


  • As per Program Buddy

What's next

To be part of our Volunteer Team:

  • Complete the Application Form in the yellow bar below
    • Please be sure to include references and information about your experience and why you’d like to volunteer with us
    • Applications with incomplete information may not be processed
  • We’ll then be in touch with you to organise a time for an introductory phone call
  • The next step is for you to meet with us at a rehearsal – this is an opportunity for you to experience Upbeat Arts first hand and be sure it’s what you would like to commit to, and for us to ensure you’re a good fit for our program 
  • To confirm your appointment:
    • Reference checks will be conducted
    • You’ll complete another online form to ensure we have other important information we need
    • You’ll need a valid Blue Card (we’ll help with this if you don’t have one)
    • We’ll provide you with our Upbeat Art Volunteer Handbook
    • You’ll complete our online induction training
    • Kitchen Team volunteers will complete an online Food Safety Certificate

We also hold online volunteer catch ups for ongoing training in Mental Health First Aid and other important information you’ll find helpful. These are held every 6-8 weeks, approximately.

Need more info?

If you’d like more information before applying, please contact us and we’ll be in touch.


Did you know – there are many benefits to volunteering. Here are some: 

  1. It provides a sense of belonging. It’s a great way to promote strong social networks.
  2. It can improve your physical and mental health.
  3. Generosity leads to greater happiness.
  4. You will lift the mood of those around you.
  5. It increases your sense of satisfaction with life.

If you’d like to volunteer and be rewarded with new friendships and creative accomplishments, please complete our online Volunteer Application form

Help to transform lives