Community, Inclusion, Empowerment

Upbeat Arts delivers group-oriented recovery programs, which help build confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. The arts programs promote social inclusion, positive mental health and overall wellbeing.

Watch the short video below to hear from our Music Director / Choir Conductor Melissa Gill and Health Buddy Kate Cox, as they share why and how our choir programs teach valuable life skills as well as vocal and choir singing skills.
A major challenge to social policy over the next two decades, and beyond, will be the large numbers of disadvantaged Australians excluded from participation in the mainstream economic and social life of the nation. Upbeat Arts Ltd was established in response to this and provides an innovative approach to improving the health and life of its members.
People who are disadvantaged, marginalised or socially excluded often feel a great sense of failure or alienation and our programs are designed to address this. We have developed a unique teaching methodology that allows us to use the arts to:
  • Engage
  • Educate
  • Empower
Our programs involve participants in arts and well-being activities, led by the country’s best arts practitioners, in the highest quality rehearsal and performance venues, with ‘performance’ as a key outcome. Participants are typically referred to us by health and welfare organisations. We have strong relationships with many of these organisations who refer their clients.
Studies show that a hearty session of creativity can equate to a good physical workout and stimulate the body, mind and spirit! We’ve developed, piloted and currently run a wide range of innovative arts programs including choral, drama, instrumental and creative writing.
Upbeat Arts is proud to be accredited against the National Standards of Mental Health Services.